9 Tips to Enhance Your Social Media Images Design

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Nowadays each company has a designed social media page for their Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter, Pinterest, or LinkedIn network. The profile image, cover picture, and background pictures act like ad space for businesses to interconnect their brand and that’s where they essential a creative designer to make some stunning designs.

Here are 9 instructions on how to plan the supreme social media business page for your client’s industry:

1. Display the Business’s Branding, Goods, and Community:

Social media business pages pictures consist mostly of a cover/banner picture, profile image, and rarely a background. The corporate brand design is usually existing in the profile photo. The banner/cover and background can feature numerous types of photos; some display the simple products and services of an enterprise, while others publish a contained social media or advertising campaign.

It’s always respectable to constantly update the images on a business’s social media page to keep fresh effects and remarkable for the target spectators. For example, you can eye your most recent social media promotion on your business profile cover image to advertise the promotion and specific with the action words.

When designing a social media business page, create definite that your page design is reliable with the business’s branding, shows the services that the business offers, and helps as a strong call to action if the design is for an advertising/social media promotion.

2. Use Accurate Photo Dimensions:

Furthermore below a list of the suggested file dimensions for respectively social media page cover picture, profile photo, and background image. These imageries will view at not the same dimensions on multiple devices, but for the best picture quality across different devices, use the sizes below.

Facebook: 820 x 312; 170 x 170 Profile Picture
YouTube: 2048 x 1152 cover photo (template link here); 800 x 800 Channel Icon
Twitter: 1500 x 500 cover photo, 400 x 400 Profile Picture
LinkedIn: 1192 x 220 banner image, 300 x 300 company Profile Picture

3. Make your Designs in RGB Color Mode:

Your social media business page designs are only going to be presented on display. No CMYK colors at this time.

4. Create your Designs Visually Reliable:

Your customer is seeing to establish a solid brand personality over and done with social media, so kind assured that all your designs are visually reliable across platforms. Our graphics designer designed 3 different social media business page photos for their customer but kept the complete look and feel of each strategy reliable.

5. Devote More Space to Images Than to Text:

The mind progressions pictures thousands of times faster than its procedures content, and photo-based text (mainly images of people) is proven to create more Facebook shares, re-tweets, and further kinds of connection than text only. In reality, Facebook used to have a regulation that cover images could not have added more than 20% content. Even though the instruction is no longer compulsory, it’s not a low number to keep in understanding when designing your business cover/banner picture. Keep the text picture-based.

6. Pay Attention to How The Post of The Profile Picture Acts Together With The Cover/Banner Header:

In terms of conformation, don’t let a profile image overlying the cover picture hide any valued content that you want your spectators to understand. For easy looking, type the main text of your cover/banner picture more adapted to the right side of the picture than the left.

For a further more innovative method, try creating the profile image and the cover picture firmly interconnect with respectively. The designs have intended the profile image and the cover picture to show as if they were one persistent photo instead of two while inserting the most significant details nearby to the right side of the cover picture.

Some social media networks will automatically place your cover picture into an image folder, so kind assured it presences decent with and without the profile image overlying the lowermost left side corner. Don’t leave a stroppy blank space in that part.

7. Thoughtful Definite That Your Strategies Stand by Each Marketplace’s Rules:

Record of these strategies prohibits the use of celebs, nudity, rude or nasty photos, copyrighted, and profanity pictures in both the cover picture and profile image. Each website implements these rules in your way, but if your design interrupts them, you possibility your customer’s business account being terminated or suspended.

It’s significant to read sufficient print as a designer, so feel free to check the Twitter terms of service, Facebook page terms, LinkedIn user agreement, and, YouTube community guidelines.

8. If the Design is for Any Advertising or Social Media Promotion, Keep it Simple:

For a featured advertising promotion on the business social media page, use convincing images, small photocopy, and a modest call to action. eFusionWorld’s Facebook cover page design visibly shows the call to action with a forthright and real design.

9. Make it Innovative and Visually Attract:

Here’s the extremity route: the drive of a social media business page is to attract with the target spectators and get them to share its text, which contains the cover/banner presence.

Social media business pages that have engaging visuals and content are much more probable to be shared and rise engagement. So certainly workout innovative liberty in your designs, while creating sure that your graphics are reliable with client business branding and are demonstrating their products and communal.



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